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What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the use of technology to electronically exchange medical information and provide medical services to patients wherever they are. Intellectual Care's goal is to connect patients to their own Primary Care Provider (PCP) for the most effective telemedicine experience possible.
Is telemedicine secure?
Many companies believe in storing their Protected Health Information (PHI) in the cloud. Intellectual Care is HIPAA compliant and stores all PHI on our own encrypted servers, instead of the cloud. All patient and provider communication occurs within our secure portal. We will never share information with anyone without your consent first.
How does Intellectual Care's telemedicine Work?
Intellectual Care's telemedicine platform offers real-time medical consultations with Board-Certified providers which includes video-conferencing, transmission of still images, nursing call centers, EMR medical record sharing, and patient education, all over a secure network.
What does it cost?
Satellite Med accepts all major insurance carriers except Medicare and Medicaid. If you have private insurance or insurance through your employer, your copay is the same as if you were seeing a provider in-person. No additional charges.
Can I get antibiotics via telemedicine?
Yes; however, antibiotics aren't always the right treatment. Antibiotics fight bacterial infections in your body, but they do not treat viral infections. If the provider believes your symptoms to be viral in nature, they may choose a treatment plan that includes over the counter (OTC) symptom relief.
Can I get my medications refilled or schedule follow-up visits through this service?
Yes, you can receive medications refills and schedule follow-up visits through our service. Schedule a follow-up visit the same way you schedule a normal visit, by clicking on your affiliate location on the home page.
Are you just trying to become my family doctor?
No, our intent is not to become your PCP, but to work directly with your PCP to offer the best possible access for you, the patient. At your request, we will forward all records of your visit to your PCP at no additional cost.
Do you do any testing onsite?
Yes, we offer several diagnostic testing options onsite, including but not limited to: Influenza A & B, Rapid Strep, Urinalysis, Monospot, and Venipuncture.
Satellite Med
Satellite Med is an Urgent Care and Family Practice Medical Clinic in Cookeville, TN. We are conveniently located halfway between Nashville and Knoxville off of Interstate-40. We were voted Best Medical Clinic and Best Provider (Dr. Cates) in the Upper Cumberland according to The Herald-Citizen's Best of Best 2017.

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